Smile! Your On Candid Camera

Technology is advancing today by leaps and bounds. Processor speeds are doubling every couple of years, storage capacity is increasing as physical size of that storage is shrinking. Digital photography has benefited greatly from these technological advances. Cameras can be made so tiny that they can be embedded in clocks,  pens or even buttons. And so we have the rise of hidden camera videos.

Hidden camera video and surveillance video has given rise to a whole new breed of entertainment – people doing odd things when they think no one is watching. It’s the true reality TV. People are caught picking their noses, dancing, stealing and more.

Besides surveillance cameras, wearable hidden cameras are used to record your own interaction with another person who is unaware he/she is being recorded. James O’Keefe has made national headlines on several occasions with his hidden camera interactions with government and private sector workers.

If you want to take part in this entertainment revolution, hop on over to the spy camera shop and get your own. You might read their blog post on the legality of recording someone without their knowledge, as well, so you don’t get yourself in hot water with the law.