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Tennis Ball Hacks

The humble tennis ball was one of the original hacks. If you’ve ever been to a nursing home, then you know what I mean. Every walker has a tennis ball on two of the supports. The tennis ball has come a long way, baby. Check out these cool tennis ball hacks.

Tennis Ball Key Chain Floatie

tennis floatie

Do you hang around the pool? If you run the risk of your keys falling into the pool and sinking to the bottom without you knowing, then you would be in a  world of trouble. I mean why would they be at the bottom of the pool. A tennis ball is an answer to your prayers. Simply screw your keychain to a tennis ball. Unless you’re a school janitor with 1000 keys, one tennis ball is more than enough to keep your keys afloat until you realize they aren’t where you put them.

Foot Massager

tennis foot massage

A tennis ball makes a perfect foot massager. Tennis balls are quite sturdy and can stand up to and rebound from very heavy weights. So take off your shoes, step on a tennis ball and roll your foot back and forth so the ball rubs the sore areas of the sole. To make ridges on the tennis ball, put parallel lines or small mounds of shoe goo on the ball. After the goo dries, the ridges/mounds feel awesome on the soles of your feet.

Holder For Just About Anything

tennis hold stuff

The flexible nature of the tennis ball give is the ability to hold onto just about anything that will fit into it. Slice a mouth across the ball and add a couple of stick-on eyes and you’ve got a little yellow monster that will hold anything you stuff in it’s mouth.

Tennis Ball Door Stop

tennis doorstop

If you have a door in your house that doesn’t stop when you push it open, then you’ve probably got a doorhandle-shaped hole on the wall behind the door. To prevent this from happening, you can cut a tennis ball in half and affix it to the wall where the door handle meets the wall. Or if you don’t want to cut it in half, just nail or screw the entire ball to the wall. Half a ball looks better, though.

Tennis Ball Jar Opener

tennis jar open

The inside of a tennis ball is a rubber material, and the outside if fuzzy and easy to grip, so that make a perfect jar opener. Cut a tennis ball so it can fit across the width of a jar’s lid. Even with wet or slick hands and fingers, the fuzzy tennis ball side will make it easy to grip and open the jar.

Tablet Amp

tennis tablet amp

If you want to hear your tablet better, you can use a tennis ball as a sound amplifier. We’re not sure why Apple still puts the speakers on the back, but anyway, that’s a rant for another day. To work around that, cut a ball in half, then make another half-way slice so you can hang the tennis ball behind the tablet where the speaker is. All the sound will be reflected toward the front of the tablet – problem solved!

Dog Chew Storage

tennis dog toy

Do you want to drive your dogs nuts? Our dog can’t get enough of his tennis ball anyway, but if we were to stuff some dog treats in there, he’d probably go bananas trying to get to them.

Do you have an interesting use for a tennis ball? If you don’t see your tennis ball hack add a comment below and we’ll add your idea to the list.

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